Friday, July 25, 2014


Dreams deferred-
  Not reassured
By the assurance of fate
    when sirens blare
signaling despair
bullets found their mark, dark-
ness never felt so good
wish i could
   fly away
at the place i've seen, clean
conscience, all this nonsense
   swept away
by wandering winds
holding hopeful glimpses
of what could be
    but reality
like a heavy stone
so soon returns
the branch of enmity.

did it ever leave?

from nightly horrors-
when sun appears between the clouds
then, lost in shadow,
too soon departs, smell of despair
 still in the air
    the yoke i bear
so willingly.

cruel hoax,
on me,
how i dreamt so foolishly.

Is this my fate,
this tragedy-
   devil hides, waits
behind a mask of piety?

son of man stands,
his hands
     still torn for me.