Friday, September 05, 2014


When at last the house is quiet
And day has relinquished its noisy riot
I wade in the deep waters of grace
Not trying to put every thought in its place
And peace, like a love song, captures my heart
And delights my soul, that most precious part.
As I ponder the lives that we live,
I find it clear that they are a gift
That march along at God’s perfect pace
And beckon homeward the whole human race.

The beauty of which I freshly see it
That life gives way but death’s been defeated.
The grave cannot hold what’s been made eternal
And destiny calls this race to relearn all
The myths of the past which tell of great things
Like magic and dragons and powerful kings.
These tales are designed to awaken our dreams

And give us the courage to believe the unseen.

Thursday, September 04, 2014


Between all the clutter
Beneath the disease
Above every mutter
You’ll find me at ease
Riding the crest of an opulent wave
Safe on His breast
From cradle to grave.
It isn’t so often,
Inform you I must
These ears of mine soften
And shake off the dust
In order to hear
The song of the earth
Which fills me with cheer
And a sense of rebirth
But when it does happen
I’m fondly reminded
That once all the rappin’
And noise has subsided
There’s more life inside
The silence and calm
Than in all the joy rides
I’ve ever been on.


Your cooperation is requested
But not vested
Stray from the fray you’ll be arrested
Tried and tested, you guessed it
Verdict guilty, evidence planted
Pardon not granted
Plea bargain just jargon
Needle primed, 
final stay rejected
Poison injected
Eyes dim, Grim Reaper appears, tears 
in his eyes, no surprise, 
The demise
Of innocent men 
not his true prize


If ever I shall rest
Upon this blessed bed
Without such tribulation
I must admit
I’d throw a fit
Of greatest exultation


My spirit’s congested
My body molested
By thoughts of delusion
A cosmic illusion
Water becomes wine
Like diamonds in coal mines
It’s all in my own mind
Let’s pause to rewind
To first manifesto
We come from incest, though
The last fruit forbidden
From them nothing hidden
Quite possibly sublime
Could they have stopped time
To purchase for mankind
A way out of this bind?
Assessing the damage,
Their failure to manage
Their sins by omission
Though cause for derision
It won’t stop the mission.


Something’s broken 
just a token
Left behind 
for me to find
Which shows my weakness
At my peakness
I need help from none. 
Now I’m done
Pretending otherwise, never claim the prize
Without a broken spirit- contrite at least
The dough is spoiled by a little yeast
That being my pride and self-reliance
Tired of thinking I’m a giant
But the letting go of that great sin
Has led me to the fix I’m in
Very anxious, tired and fearful
Been undone and slightly tearful
Without my shield, my pretense
Unable to mount my normal defense. 
Naked and bare, I shiver in fear
Waiting in vain for my Hope to appear.
And somehow, in Its loving wisdom
Hope sees fit to withhold some
Of Its presence and provision
Or could it just be my tunnel vision
That cannot see, past my own pain
My Hope, there waiting, to wash my stain?


Pages have been moistened
With the tears of my choices
Keeping life on a string
To Independence I cling
Not with strength from muscle and sinew
But rather a limb that my heart grew
Which reaches out to grab a hold
Of this ship, but like a captain, bold,
In stormy seas soon comes to learn
The more he struggles, the less she turns.


Keep it flowing
Based on what’s growing
In the upstairs garden
The beat will harden
In time I’ll learn the cure of words
Shrapnel in the air
Ripping flesh stinging bare
Skin singes 
Life hinges
On doctor’s incision
No precision
Play for keeps 
The reaper reaps
What he doesn’t sow
That’s down below
Work of the devil 
Comin through in treble 
Tones in the ears
Sound disappears
As lighting strikes 
The empire back.
Can’t steal what I wrote 
Promissory note 
Won’t cut it 
Bank’s gonna gut it
Like hogs on the spit
Can’t take another hit
Slit the wrist by the midnight lights
The view from these heights
It’s all great, applause
In sight, it’s a cause
For celebration


Did you know you had no pants on
As you sat there with your hands on
The apple slices you were eating
As if it were your final greeting?
I should have told you that I know
What it is like to watch you grow
But you don’t yet have the comprehension
Pants removed, and free of tension


Pain my great teacher
Today I beseech her
To shorten the lesson
Forgive my transgression
But I’ve had my fill for a while
So much I am learning
But the fire keeps on burning
And singes my heart in great style
Let this be my plea, then:
I’d love a reprieve from
The emotional pain I’m enduring
Although I am grateful
To sit at her table
There’s too much hard shit that’s been stirring
My insides are raw;
Like a camel’s last straw
I fear that I soon may collapse
So with her permission
I’ll take that remission
Before something inside of me snaps.


In my lover’s arms so complete
She and I dancing, spinning
No words. 
Charcoal bubbles of smoke 
Float by gracefully
Filled to the fullest measure
With the joyful tease of pleasure
Nothing is better than this feeling we share
Pillowing through the midnight air

Surely a love such as this can only come
In dreams and fantasies 
Untainted by reality
With its dark stains of discord and calamity
Constant reminders that this is not home
But how long to suffer in a land that’s so stale
While true love awaits on that side of the veil?

If only to slip into sweet lengthy slumber
And dream such a dream continuously
So that after a while I, unencumbered, 
Envision this, my reality.

Yet now to be ripped from the arms of my lover
And thrown to the wolves without any cover
And naked thus standing, defenses not mounted
I’ll only survive on the blessings I’ve counted
Disdaining the curse that’s gripping my senses
Without any terse or shallow pretenses.


Shadows cast upon my bed 
Dancing though there be no light
Save for the slowly dying flame
That lingers after wars subside
But battles yet to fight remain
As if the peace may never come
And lovers in repose lie waiting
For the two to become one.
And if I ever see the promise
Offered on that sacred mount
My heart will leap on wingless flight
With cries of freedom ringing out
And flame, once faded, bursting forth
Devouring shadows in the night.


Prevailing winds have shifted
My data is un-encrypted
My heart has been uplifted.
It seems that God has sifted
The greediness from me.
The need to be moving
quickly through life, preoccupied with 
what's next on the list
Not pausing to think
I am on the brink 
Of a natural disaster
My head made of plaster
a slave to my master

But now it's all different
At least when I am hell-bent 
On keeping my feet on the ground
And on placing one foot in front of the other
Not hoping to see how much ground I can cover

No, I'd rather tarry 
in this moment, I'm very
Excited to start
Replaying my part
In the grand scheme of things


The greatest sin I’ve e’er committed
Was to let myself get fitted
For a straight and slender suit
Which had, attached a bitter root
That quickly fed upon my wounds
and in good time began to swoon
Until, to date, it’s like an oak tree
Which from its root I cannot break free
For seven years I’ve paid my dues
And tried in vain to be cut loose
But the roots are thick, the axe is small
And it’s got me all twisted in a ball.

Wednesday, September 03, 2014


Can I rest in you, complete?
Assuredly no simple feat
For restless I was born to be
With humankind my company
Ever wishing to be better
Accomplishment our fetter
To improve we’re ceaseless striving
Toward the shore without arriving

Monday, September 01, 2014


Please forgive me
should I give thee
a piece of flesh,
meat for the pyre?
      Faith's expired
God's tired and lame
responses to shame
that haunts us, taunts us
with grace
 and broken promises-
Believable when perceivable,
cold comfort if
    confronted with
the icy cold
wind chilling, freezing rain
constant pain, off the handle
   Light the candle
of despair- I care
for your moral complacencies,
for success- Let me guess:
you're white and wealthy
healthy and sober,
not hungover
from a drunken orgy?
  Don't bore me
with your judgment, or words
of wisdom.
     It's come
down to this:
let my shit stink
and your ego shrink-
       then think
before you speak
walk a while in my sneaks
sneak peaks, freak shows,
your mind
with dark thoughts and distress.
  I guess
you should quit talking
and keep walking



Some things never change.
the furniture
The walls remain
 still stain
my conscience, but since
There's no escaping,
the only sane thing
is to keep refraining
from abstaining
and containing
my pleasures;
conscience no measure-
gave her the slip
couldn't equip me
with tools for survival.
in my pursuit
of the rainbow's loot-
Pain's slow to recede
when you've made veins bleed
in all directions
surgeon's election
is to cauterize the wounds,
not soon enough,
tough to repair
a man who's not there
fading quickly to black
heart attack
my deliverance
ever since
I fell under this spell
living hell, hot water
not cooling, no fooling
the Maker
taker of all who bend their knee, free
grace bitter pill to swallow,
hollow leg can't get full
heavy guilt will annul
the forgiveness he offers,
much softer
than the anvil
that will
kill the hope.
  Tie a rope
round my neck
wreck what's left.
  Fallen prey to the lion,
speck of dust blown away
                       off to Zion