Thursday, September 04, 2014


Keep it flowing
Based on what’s growing
In the upstairs garden
The beat will harden
In time I’ll learn the cure of words
Shrapnel in the air
Ripping flesh stinging bare
Skin singes 
Life hinges
On doctor’s incision
No precision
Play for keeps 
The reaper reaps
What he doesn’t sow
That’s down below
Work of the devil 
Comin through in treble 
Tones in the ears
Sound disappears
As lighting strikes 
The empire back.
Can’t steal what I wrote 
Promissory note 
Won’t cut it 
Bank’s gonna gut it
Like hogs on the spit
Can’t take another hit
Slit the wrist by the midnight lights
The view from these heights
It’s all great, applause
In sight, it’s a cause
For celebration

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