Thursday, September 04, 2014


In my lover’s arms so complete
She and I dancing, spinning
No words. 
Charcoal bubbles of smoke 
Float by gracefully
Filled to the fullest measure
With the joyful tease of pleasure
Nothing is better than this feeling we share
Pillowing through the midnight air

Surely a love such as this can only come
In dreams and fantasies 
Untainted by reality
With its dark stains of discord and calamity
Constant reminders that this is not home
But how long to suffer in a land that’s so stale
While true love awaits on that side of the veil?

If only to slip into sweet lengthy slumber
And dream such a dream continuously
So that after a while I, unencumbered, 
Envision this, my reality.

Yet now to be ripped from the arms of my lover
And thrown to the wolves without any cover
And naked thus standing, defenses not mounted
I’ll only survive on the blessings I’ve counted
Disdaining the curse that’s gripping my senses
Without any terse or shallow pretenses.

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