Wednesday, March 06, 2013


Time to cut loose
Still have that noose
Around my neck
Life is a wreck
Since I’m constrained here
Through some pained tears
Want to fly but
Stuck with dry gut
No juices flowing
Winds, they’re not blowing
My direction
From within,
But through the din
A light is shining
Dimly my King
Comes to view
After a few
Minutes of waiting
Heart’s hesitating
What’s the matter, son?
Can’t help come undone?
That’s my problem
Poets, I rob them
Tryin’ to get high
But only you can fly
You said you’d teach me
it’s so hard to reach me
So we’ll take a rain check
I’ll be at the train deck-
You could say the station-
Waiting for my destination

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