Thursday, September 04, 2014


Prevailing winds have shifted
My data is un-encrypted
My heart has been uplifted.
It seems that God has sifted
The greediness from me.
The need to be moving
quickly through life, preoccupied with 
what's next on the list
Not pausing to think
I am on the brink 
Of a natural disaster
My head made of plaster
a slave to my master

But now it's all different
At least when I am hell-bent 
On keeping my feet on the ground
And on placing one foot in front of the other
Not hoping to see how much ground I can cover

No, I'd rather tarry 
in this moment, I'm very
Excited to start
Replaying my part
In the grand scheme of things

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

your poetry is quite good. Just remember.. We were born innocent and carrying this weight around is so difficult